Posted by: Nar Williams | April 7, 2008

Choosing a Robot Dog: Top 3 Pros and Cons

As blogged previously on Achieve Nerdvana, we’ve seen that old folks love their AIBOs and DARPA loves their Big Dogs. With the introduction this July of HPI’s G-Dog, it looks like robo-dogs will be prominent in the development of human/robot relations.

From Dvice:

Powered by 7.2 volt nickel hydrogen batteries, equipped with three-axis acceleration sensors and standing at 7.5 inches, the G-Dog comes as a kit for robot enthusiasts rather than as an out-of-the-box toy like the Sony Aibo.

So, how do you even compare a robot that looks like a dog to the real deal? Easy. Here are the Top 3 Pros and Cons of choosing a robot dog over man’s best friend.

Top 3 Pros:

1. No dogshit. That’s huge.

2. No waking up at 5am to take the dog out to have it’s morning dogshit.

3. No fleas, ticks, shots, or periodic vet bills.

Top 3 Cons:

1. Something tells me robo-dogs aren’t natural (pun intended) guard dogs. The G-Dog doesn’t even have teeth.

2. You can’t pick up chicks with a robot dog. No more days at the dog park using your dog’s natural instinct to sniff other dogs cornholes as the ice-breaker to conversation. Check out the photo below. No cornhole.

3. We all need a good cuddle. Robo-dogs are clearly inferior when it comes to patting, petting, scratching behind the ears, and chilling on the couch watching Animal Planet.


  1. Can a ROBO dog byte?

  2. SWB: Hey-O!!

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