Posted by: Nar Williams | January 3, 2009

THE NERDVANA AWARDS: Best Book of 2008


Introducing the first annual Nerdvana Awards! For the first week of 2009, I decided to look back at all the things that helped me Achieve Nerdvana in 2008. There was no voting or complicated algorithms involved. These are simply the things I geeked out over the year: movies, tv, music, technology, books, and people included. Today’s category: Books!



In Hot, Flat, and Crowded, Thomas Friedman argues that the countries, governments, and companies that take the lead in energy technologywill no doubt create the single most valuable competitive advantage of our time. He is pragmatic enough to recognize that there is only one force more powerful than Mother Nature and that is “Father Profit”.

He therefore calls for a systematic approach to the climate, energy, and economic crises — create a motivated, coordinated approach from the White House to corporations to consumers. Friedman argues that America needs a energy technology bubble like the information technology bubble, and proposes that we set our minds to “outgreening” China and other countries, the same way we raced the Soviets to the moon. 

“We need 100,000 people in 100,000 garages trying 100,000 things — in the hope that five of them break through.” I hope this book is on President Obama’s reading list.

Here’s an interview with Thomas Friedman discussing the book on Larry King:

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