Posted by: Nar Williams | December 11, 2008

Gifts for Geeks: Trossen MechRC Breakdancing Robot

The MechRC Humanoid Robot from Trossen Robotics is ready to scare the hell out of your cats and make your holiday party the nerdiest one ever. Seems like every other robot video on the ‘net involves dancing nowadays, and this ‘bot hangs with the best of  ’em. Pretty sure this is the first one I’ve seen with speakers for a chest, though.

The MechRC comes with over one hundred pre-installed motions and sounds. Adding motions to it’s repetoire looks like a cinch with the included 3D software interface — just manipulate the animated robot on screen, save it, and boom goes the dynamite.


Who wouldn’t want to bust this baby out after the first few rounds of spiked egg nog? You’d be the envy of your ten-year-old nephews. And with the family distracted by MechRC’s Timberlake-like sexiness, you wouldn’t have to talk to them. Seems like a win-win. 

The MechRC comes pre-assembled for $600. Not the most affordable of geek gifts in these financial times, but if you can swing it, it sure beats a sweater!

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