Posted by: Nar Williams | January 8, 2009

Greatest Commercial Ever: Evolution Through Robots

This is a Saturn commercial created by Scholz & Friends, an advertising agency in Berlin, Germany. I’ve watched it 18 times already (I highly recommend you watch it in HD!) It’s a brief summary of evolution, using robots — from a robotic bee, to a steampunk T-Rex, to a female humanoid cyborg (I don’t know what she’s selling, but I’m buying).

My kudos to Oliver Handlos (Creative Director), James Cruickshank and Michael Hess (Art Directors), Carl Erik Rinsch (Director) and the rest of the team responsible for this. Congrats, you’ve catapulted yourselves into my Nerd Worship Hall of Fame.

…Purely Awesome. Any plans on a feature film?

via Loving the Machine


  1. This reminds me of that short in “Allegro Non Troppo” that was evolution done to Bolero.

    PARTS 1, 2 & 3 below, respectively:

    Absolutely worth the clickin’

  2. Good call. This makes me want to throw in my copy of Allegro Non Troppo on dvd — the Bolero segment is my fave!

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