Posted by: Nar Williams | January 1, 2009

THE NERDVANA AWARDS: Best Movie of 2008

Introducing the first annual Nerdvana Awards! For the first week of 2009, I decided to look back at all the things that helped me Achieve Nerdvana in 2008. There was no voting or complicated algorithms involved. These are simply the things I geeked out over the year: movies, tv, music, technology, books, and people included. Today’s category: Movies!



Iron Man

Until I saw Iron Man, the only superhero movie that had ever blown me away was Batman Begins. It’s that feeling when you walk out of the theater and want to immediately buy another ticket and go back in.

2008 was a huge year for great sci-fi/action/superhero movies — the geeks are invading the cineplex, and that’s a very good thing. The Dark Knight, Wanted, Quantum of Solace, Indiana Jones, Incredible Hulk, X-Files, Hellboy 2 — that’s the strongest list of genre flicks I’ve seen in a long time. But Iron Man topped them all.

Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr. proved to be the perfect pairing to lead this film adaptation of the beloved comic book character, and they were supported by a great cast and awesome fx. It was also brilliantly paced with a nice balance of character development, action sequences, and humor. And last but not least, Jeff Bridges made for one hell of a good villian. 

But that’s not what made it Nerdvana inducing — on top of all that good filmmaking, we got to watch a movie that celebrated technology and viewed science as an answer to problems, not just a creator of problems. Tony Stark makes a choice to use his brain not to make weapons, but to save lives; the film features robots that aren’t just hell-bent on destroying mankind; and the hero is a scientist… 

Finally, a Hollywood film that doesn’t fearmonger and create a bunch of sci-tech luddites!  Bring on Iron Man 2.

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