Posted by: Nar Williams | December 16, 2008

Japan: Robot Nation

Now that CNN has cut its science and technology staff, I’ll have to go elswhere for in depth reports like this one — oh wait, CNN would’ve never done something this interesting to begin with. If you don’t watch Current, you’re missing out. Below is a full 24 minute report by Adam Yamaguchi on Japan’s population woes and how it plans to solve it with robots.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. What?! Not even a mention of robotic flying dragons?! They must be keeping that under wraps for themselves… bastards.

  2. So advanced…
    So articulate…
    So flexible…

    So creepy!

    “This is going to have a lot of weird applications, I’m telling you.”
    Ladies and gentlemen, the award for the Understatement Of The Century goes to…
    Adam Yamaguchi!

  3. Well put, eksith. I wonder how long the creepiness factor will last, or if that will subside as the bots become even more articulate, flexible, etc. — and we get used to the idea of having them around.

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