Posted by: Nar Williams | January 5, 2009


Introducing the first annual Nerdvana Awards! For the first week of 2009, I decided to look back at all the things that helped me Achieve Nerdvana in 2008. There was no voting or complicated algorithms involved. These are simply the things I geeked out over the year: movies, tv, music, technology, books, and people included. Today’s category: Television!



There’s been some great sci-fi television the last few years. This year, Lost rebounded from a weak season 3 with a much more interesting and dramatic season 4. Battlestar Galactica lost some major points by dragging out lame storylines, weakening the cylons, and altogether delivering an underwhelming first half of a final season (although my kudos for finally killing Cally — though this should of happened two seasons ago). And Heroes… well, if you really want to hear me rant about that  listen to my Nerdbunker podcasts

My favorite show this year was True Blood. Since this is a vampire show on HBO, all the blood and sex was expected. What really surprised me was how funny it is — a lot of really smart writing and some good acting made me laugh out loud pretty much every episode.

As a setting for sci-fi/fantasy, The American South is underused — but lends itself perfectly to gothic storytelling. In this case, it’s a rural Louisiana town. My favorite episode featured Bill the Vampire’s flashbacks to his time in the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

There’s a lot of complex character relationships and nuanced writing happening in this show, thanks to the fact that it’s from “Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball and is based on Charlaine Harris’ books. If you missed it on HBO, make sure you rent this series when it hits DVD.

And btw, I don’t just like this show because I’m a vampire by night:


Here’s the trailer for the show:

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