Posted by: karlasblume | April 7, 2008

Short Circuited Again

Dimension Films has finally acquired the rights to remake the 1986 cult favorite film, Short Circuit. You and every one of your friends has certainly noticed the posters of Pixar’s upcoming feature, “Wall-E” and seen the robot’s resemblance to Johnny Five of Short Circuit fame. 

The original plot of the film will be maintained. A military robot is struck by lightning and in the process develops a personality and in turn, runs from the government. S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, the original screenwriters will be in charge of the remake. The major addition to the movie will be the recent advances in technology. But I am curious to know whether he will still like Tarzan, the Three Stooges and Jackie Gleason. Maybe this time he’ll look up to the Transformers, they are after all, robotic rock stars.


  1. But will Ally Sheedy make an appearance?

  2. Admit it Nar, Ally was your teenage crush!!!! : ) Can you fix it so I can upload photos please, the site won’t let me. Got some cool stuff for tomorrow…

  3. It’s your first post and it’s about ROBOTS… I think you’re in good with Nar alright… 😉

  4. It’s true, Karla… Ally Sheedy + Bubble Bath = Pre-Teen Stiffy

  5. Ally Sheedy + Bubble Bath + Pre-Teen Stiffy = Karla Hysterical.

    10 POINTS FOR NAR!!! Whoot !!!

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