Posted by: Nar Williams | October 1, 2008

Nar Ventures Back Into the Geekscape!

For those of you who enjoyed my previous appearance on one of the geekiest video podcasts on the net, check it: This week I guest hosted Geekscape with Jonathan London and Brian Gilmore — this time for episode 90! Here’s a taste of what we cover:

Movie Reviews: “Eagle Eye”! TV Reviews: “Heroes Season 3” News: Disney’s Upcoming Slate includes Pirates 4 and Jonny Depp as Tonto! Warner Brothers plans a prequel to I Am Legend? Guillermo Del Toro does some vampire writing! Comics: What is going on in Batman RIP? Back to Brooklyn! Video Games: The Punisher is coming to the Playstation Network! Bungie releases a new trailer… but what is it for?!?

You can watch it here.


  1. This strangely reminds me of ZDTV later TechTV (minus the naughty language).
    It’s got that retro milk and cookies geekiness to it.

    Aaaah, the memories!

  2. Great to see another episode featuring Nar.

  3. Thanks guys, I had a blast as usual — and I’m sure I’ll be back on the couch at some point. Also, I’m going to be writing a weekly column for Geekscape very soon — I’ll keep you updated so you can check it out!

  4. Yay on being back on the show – I’ve got it downloading at the moment, looking forward to watching it.

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