Posted by: Nar Williams | September 30, 2008

Alice’s Adventures in Microscopic Wonderland

No, your lunch has not been spiked with acid.

Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation recently announced the winners of the 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, a fascinating look at science through breathtaking photographs and graphics.

My favorite is this micrographed depiction of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party — the kind of trippy image stoners and science geeks alike can stare at for hours. It’s from a book called Alice’s Adventures in Microscopic Wonderland, which features scenes from Lewis Carroll’s story using microscope images of insects and other small animals.

From National Geographic:

Illustrator Colleen Champ used micrographs of natural objects created by Dennis Kunkel and arranged them into a picture of three beetles enjoying tea at a table of butterfly wings, surrounded by a field of crystallized vitamin C.

The image won first place in the informational graphics category. I haven’t been able to find the book anywhere yet — but I’d wager it’ll be just as much fun as Tim Burton’s forthcoming Alice film starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. It’s like… everything is alive, dude!


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    Colleen Champ and Dennis Kunkel invite you to trip through images from their proposed book, Alice’s Adventures in a Microscopic Wonderland. Amazing micrographs of our fantastic microscopic world are creatively woven together, presenting you with a contemporary twist on the classic literature of Lewis Carroll. Children, adults, collectors, scientists and artists will be enthralled by these unique fine art prints. Present them as a gift, or purchase one for yourself; these are quality pieces of art to be cherished for a lifetime.
    The Mad Hatter’s Tea was awarded first place in the category of Informational Graphics in the annual 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Science magazine, and featured on the cover of Science 9/26/2008.

  2. well, thanks Jamie. We just wanted to have a place were people could buy prints

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