Posted by: Fizzgig | September 29, 2008

Newly Discovered “Dark Flow” Sucking Universe Away

At this very moment, large patches of the universe are moving at high speeds towards a specific point in space, and scientists are not entirely certain why.

A team of NASA researchers made the discovery while comparing current X-ray emission patterns of star gases to the radiation imprints left behind by the Big Bang. Whole clusters of galaxies – containing thousands of systems like our own – are being inexorably pulled, pushed, or otherwise shifted at nearly 2 million mph toward a point of space between the Centaurus and Vela constellations.

What’s out there? A whole lot of nothing, as far as scientists can tell. Certainly nothing big enough to emit the gravitational force necessary to pull entire galaxies. From

“The scientists deduced that whatever is driving the movements of the clusters must lie beyond the known universe.”

They have appropriately dubbed the phenomenon “Dark Flow,” proving once and for all that science is awesome.


  1. i think that its true, but will not affect us, for a long long long long time at least

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