Posted by: Nar Williams | September 5, 2008

Save the Superman House!

This is a video of Brad Meltzer talking about how on a trip to Cleveland to research his new book, he came upon the house where Superman was born and it was in shambles. The house where Google was created was saved, the farm where Hewlett Packard was founded is preserved, but Superman’s home lies in wreckage. This video will tell you how the Siegel and Shuster Society is trying to raise money to get the home fixed. You can find out more information in the video or by going to Even if you aren’t a Superman fan, you have to respect the fact that there wouldn’t be your favorite character had the Man of Steel not come to be.


  1. Great cause! Everyone needs to remember that you don’t mess with the “S”.
    I changed my facebook status and would buy a shirt too if they weren’t thirty bucks… and pretty damned ugly.

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