Posted by: Nar Williams | September 4, 2008

Cylons Running for President?

Any other sci-fi geeks out there who watched Governor Palin give her speech last night at the Republican National Convention and couldn’t help but think of a certain Secretray of Treasury-turned-President from Caprica (minus nuance, reason, and intellect, of course)? Hey, give McCain an eye patch and you got a striking resemblance to everyone’s favorite grouchy-old Colonel.

Well, apparently, I’m not the only one. Check out for a whole other type of campaign website. I wonder if they twitter to their supporters? Only kiss hybrid babies? Have an energy plan for a completely destroyed Earth?


  1. We’re fracked…

  2. Fracking Skin Jobs.

  3. I placed an order for one of the posters for the frount of my place. Can’t wait !!!

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