Posted by: Ryan McDonald | September 2, 2008

Face-melting Peep Research! It’s toxic! It’s science!

Combine one part science to one part way-too-much-time-on-your-hands, add half a cup of middle school destructive energy and a dash of WTF and you’ve got! Peeps must have crept into camp and slaughtered their family ’cause there’s some pent-up angst and vengeance being vented on America’s favorite Easter-time marshmallow bird & bunny confections… Not that I care, mind you. Y’see, I myself received a nasty burn on my middle finger years ago from some Peep-related shenanigans and have a vendetta against those nasty, sugar-coated pufflets.

The Peep Research (or PeepSearch) is quite extensive and pretty freakin’ funny.

They test the peeps for heat, cold, low pressure and solubility…

To the left you see Peeps in beakers with: water, acetone, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide.

This kind of creativity will be long-gone with the cutbacks in the sciences. That’s what half the fun of science class was: finding a way to make something blow up, explode or catch on fire. PeepResearch sure as hell isn’t going to find a cure for cancer, but if they have to take down a few crates of those puffy bastards just to make sure, I say more power to ’em!


  1. Do you find it scary that none of these could fully dissolve the peep??!! Makes you think… do we all have undigested peep goo still burrowing in our bodies? Is this goo actually alien in nature, and waiting for the right time to reactivate it’s consciousness and take over it’s host body??? …Should I be writing this screenplay for a SciFi channel Saturday night creature feature???!!!

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