Posted by: Nar Williams | August 14, 2008

Courting the Fanboy Vote? Presidential Campaign Comics

After a record breaking summer for comic book movies, IDW Publishing is trying a different kind of mainstream crossover: putting politicians in comics! “Barack Obama: Presidential Material” will be written by Jeff Mariotte and drawn by Tom Morgan, while “John McCain: Presidential Material” will be by writer Andy Helfer and artist Stephen Thompson. Both books will feature covers by J. Scott Campbell and are due out October 8th. And if you wouldn’t be caught dead in a comic book shop, don’t worry: you can download the books and read them on your cell phone.

Don’t expect McCain to stave off the Skrull Invasion or Obama to join S.H.I.E.L.D. — IDW says these biographies are “painstakingly researched” to “explore the histories” of the presumptive nominees. So readers will see Obama grass roots organizing in Chicago and McCain flying a fighter jet, but…

What about their stands on the issues? Climate change? Stem Cells? Space exploration? Economic recovery? Unfortunately, there’s no mention of covering that silly stuff at the official website. I guess that’d be expecting too much from a funny book, right?


  1. Wow!

    Obama looks a bit like the Green Lantern (John Stewart).

    McCain looks like a creepy used car salesman… With pecks.

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