Posted by: Nar Williams | July 31, 2008

Space Flight for Mere Mortals Is One Step Closer

Space tourism began in 1990 when Tokyo Broadcasting System reporter Toyohiro Akiyama flew to the Mir space lab with the Russian space program. In 2004 aerospace designer Burt Rutan made history when his SpaceShipOne became the first private, manned craft to reach space.

This week, another milestone for space tourism has been reached: Sir Richard Branson and Rutan unveiled the White Knight Two, a “mothership” designed to carry a passenger spaceship to a high altitude, where it will then launch into space. Sure, the tickets cost $200k right now — but maybe someday when these babies are in mass production and are taking daily scheduled flights, space will will replace Disneyland as the summer family destination!

Below is an overview of the White Knight Two from


  1. So, for $300K I get a jetpack AND a trip to outer space?! What a country!!

  2. Or I could get a one-bedroom townhouse in the ghetto of Los Angeles… Hmmm…

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