Posted by: Nar Williams | July 25, 2008

Comic Con ’08: Hardcore Punisher War Zone Footage

The Punisher: War Zone Panel at the San Diego Comic Con included a look at the new trailer for the film, but it also screened a MPAA-can-kiss-my-vengeful-ass music video of footage cut to Ramala’s “Days of Vengeance” that is way more badass.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd said at the panel, “We really want a Punisher that’s closer to the comics, and we stuck to the MAX series because we wanted a Punisher that was ruthless, violent vigilante justice.”

After watching the footage below I’m sure you’ll agree that Garth Ennis will be proud. There’s thugs getting fried by Frank’s blowtorch, blood splattering everywhere, and I counted, like, 5 heads exploding. Hell, I’m surprised Frank doesn’t teafrag Jigsaw in this clip. So, if you’re in the mood for some of the old ultraviolence, enjoy!


  1. It truly is Christmas in July… Thanks Nar. 🙂

  2. I just got out of the hospital after spending the weekend hooked up to machines like Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later (sans nudity..maybe) and to see that trailer totally made my day. All I can say is…

    “Thomas who?”

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