Posted by: ronpurtee | July 23, 2008

When Geeks Meet Jocks!

Here, from the fine folks at Blame Society Productions, the same folks that brought you Fun Rangers, McCourt’s In Session and Chad Vader comes the ultimate battle between Geeks and Jocks, I give you, JOHN MADDEN: DUNGEON MASTER! enjoy.


  1. I’m not sure whether to continue falling off my chair laughing or feel embarrassed with nostalgia.

    I think I’ll do a bit of both.

    People think this Jock/Nerd combo is unheard of… In fact Al Franken is one of those rare, real life, hybrids.

    Thanks for making my morning!

  2. Ah Madden… You and Tecmo Bowl provided me with enough sports knowledge to get myself through many a social gathering… Thank you… *tear* ,-)

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