Posted by: Nar Williams | July 21, 2008

Why So Serious? The Dark Knight Breaks Box Office Records

There is a scene in The Dark Knight where The Joker sits atop a mountain of cash and slides down it like Scrooge McDuck. Maybe the suits at Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are doing something similar right now.

Batman grabbed the highest weekend opening ever by grossing an official $158.3 million — even more than Sunday’s estimate of $155.3 million — and bitch-slapped Spiderman 3 in the process. That’s because The Dark Knight also broke Spider-Man 3’s record ($4.7 million) for best debut in IMAX theaters with $6.2 million in 94 locations. Budgeted at $180 million, the film opened in a record 4,366 theaters nationwide and broke the new single and opening day records on Friday with $67.85 million. Spider-Man 3 previously held those records with $59.8 million, but seriously, how could a crappy emo Peter Parker hold those records for long?

And can we go ahead and award the Oscar for Best Actor over to Heath Ledger’s family right now? I mean really, that shit was ridiculous. He absolutely stole the film.


  1. It was sold out here at the Palm Springs IMax which is almost unheard of!

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