Posted by: Nar Williams | June 30, 2008

Batman + Anime = Nerdvana

With Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Indy, Wall-E, and Wanted behind us, it seems everyone is starting to count the weekends to The Dark Knight (it has already broken records for ticket pre-sales at 21 days out). Will I see Hancock? Hell no. Hellboy 2? Hell yes.

But Warner Brothers has something special planned for us Batty fanboys to wet our appetite. On July 8th they will release Batman: Gotham Knight on dvd. It’s an animated film with six anime-style shorts, featuring Batman fighting the likes of Scarecrow, Killer croc, Deadshot, and written by Batman begins scribe David S. Goyer and comic book writer Brian Azzarello, among others.

This movie looks so absolutely badass I can hardly believes it exists. The trailer is below, but to really get a feel for what’s in store, you absolutely must check out the five minutes that MTV has posted.



    Watch the movie for yourself to see if its any good. Some people think the first short isn’t that great, but i enjoyed it.

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