Posted by: Nar Williams | June 16, 2008

Russian Scientists Control Robots With Brain Power

 I told you back in February about the EPOC NeuroHeadset, that allows the user to play a video game by simply using their thoughts and emotions. Well this next mind control headset is WAY cooler — because you’re not controlling a video game, you’re controlling a robot! The device is being developed by Neurobotics, a team of Russian researchers in Zelonograd.

You have to check this out!!!


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  2. Brilliant! Excellent!Now telelkenisis which should considered a pure fiction will slowly become a reality.

  3. Controlling a robot is just one of many applications one could do with a neuroheadset. You could connect the Epoc neuroheadset to an actuator and manipulate a control unit physically. That way you are not limited to virtual outputs in a video game setting. This group here successfully used the Emotiv Epoc headset to switch on a fire project.

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