Posted by: ronpurtee | June 16, 2008

Chuck Dixon and DC Part Ways!!!

According to the Dixonverse Message Board over at, Chuck Dixon and DC Comics have parted ways. There are no real insights as to what happened, or who started what. Here are some of the things that are being said by Chuck himself.

Just to counter some nonsense I’ve seen “reported” on other sites.
I did not quit.
I do not believe it had anything to do with politics.
My involvement with Robin ends with issue 174.
I think my BATO run is over with #10.
My Booster two-parter will still be appearing.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, Storming Paradise continues on schedule.
For those keep score, yes, I was way ahead on both of my monthlies. Down the road perhaps I’ll offer those scripts and you folks can help out Books for Soldiers as you so generously have before.

A fan on the message board asked Chuck the following;

” What happened with you and DC? What was the reasoning? Chuck, you should make it known to us, we’re the readers, if we demand it enough we can all get your job back. Besides, I thought they loved you at DC, Alan Grant said that when they sacked him and Doug Moench they wanted to keep you on. What changed?

Also, what did you mean when you said that DC still provide the bulk of your income?”

Chuck responded with;

Thanks for the support but (in my opinion) it goes beyond the bounds of professional ethics to discuss this. I will respond to whatever DC states on the subject but I’m hidebound not to open the proceedings.
Things have changed a lot since Alan said what he said.
They may very well change again and then I can return.
To your other question—I have a lot of material still constantly in print from DC worldwide. I also have participation in a number of properties (Bane, Spoiler, the Redbird, Gearhead) that continue to be produced as licensed toys and whatnot.

So whatever happened, let’s hope that Chuck Dixon doesn’t stop everything in regards to comics. He got me started into Nightwing with his current book.

This is very odd indeed. Your thoughts interweb?


  1. Weird. Dixon’s been one of my fave writers since the early nineties, when he pretty much wrote all of the Batman books… I hear he has his own inprint in the works, so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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