Posted by: Fizzgig | June 10, 2008

Barack Obama = The Eleventh Doctor?

Recently, a startling discovery has come to light in the Dr. Who fandom. For those few that don’t know (and seriously, who are you?), Dr. Who is the longest-running science fiction series in history, having aired on the BBC network from 1963 to 1989.

In 2005 it was relaunched and also went into syndication on the US Sci-Fi Channel. It picked up with the adventures of the Ninth Doctor (there are many incarnations), played by Christopher Eccleston.

Now, although Eccleston has since left the series and paved the way for the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), Who fen have lately noticed some physical similarity between the Ninth Doctor and a certain politician…

See it after the break!

Some say that it’s won their vote. Some wonder if America will be Regenerated. Others (#126) just like the ears.


  1. Oh yeah, he’s definitely the 11th Doc. And soon he’ll be the 44th Prez!

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