Posted by: Nar Williams | June 8, 2008

Animal-like Robots Walk on Walls and Swim

The Salamander Robot

Here at Achieve Nerdvana, we’ve marveled at Theo Jansen’s beach animals and the ice-skating BigDog from Boston Dynamics. And of course, there are the pet robot dogs.

Robotics designers are indeed turning to nature for inspiration, creating robots that can tackle all kinds of situations in a variety of different environments.

The Waalbot is inspired by geckos and can walk on walls. The salamander robot can walk on land and swim in water. Then there’s the M-TRAN, made of 20 independent modules that can communicate with each other to tackle whatever obstacles come it’s way.

They’re all in the video below from New Scientist, proving once again that robotics researchers are thinking outside the bipedal humanoid box…

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