Posted by: Ryan McDonald | May 30, 2008

The UPSIDE of Global Warming, according to AOL

A friend of mine got a shock when he logged into his AOL account last week. He glanced over at the news widget and noticed an article entitled, “Scientist Shifts View on Global Warming“.

Halfway down the article there is a ten page photo montage of some of the UPSIDES to global warming that you may not have thought of, such as:

  • In Greenland, where the ice is melting, fishermen are thrilled by the return of cod and farmers are reporting higher yields.
  • Many researchers say if the world warms up, the sweet spots for growing crops will migrate toward the poles.
  • Loken planted strands of peach, apricot and plum trees. Upstate New York winters are often unkind to them, but Loken expects milder winters.
  • A man clears snow from a roof in Parish, N.Y., in February. Warmer weather could help northerners save on heating fuel and keep residents from moving south.
  • Montreal celebrates the Twins Parade in 2002. By 2100, warming could grow foriegn tourism in Canada by 220 percent, making it the top winner, an economist says.
  • Children play on a farm in Russia. The gross domestic product of Russia and much of northern Europe would likely increase along with the temperatures.
  • A goat is milked in Mongolia. Agricultural gains due to warmer weather would help many nations grow their economies.

The new Carnival destination!

So, as the world goes to hell in a handbasket, take refuge in the fact that Canadians will be raking in the cash as the new Spring Break hotspot, Siberia will be the new bread basket of the world and all that pesky ice and snow that used to plague the northern poles will make way for new Carnival Cruise Lines and oil rigs.

There are close to 6,000 comments following the article with massive flaming on both sides of the issue. It’s a great read! Hilarious!


  1. Oy. You think mankind will be around to see Montreal become Cancun? For real thinking on this critical issue, I recommend the Breakthrough Institute’s blog:

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