Posted by: Nar Williams | May 21, 2008

The Mummy 3: Better Than Indy 4?

The two franchises draw inevitable comparisons, considering The Mummy films are pretty much Indiana Jones wannabes. You know the drill: A mystery is unearthed,  an evil is awoken, and before you know it, there are mummies on the loose.

The question is… with all the bad early reviews for Indy 4, will The Mummy 3 actually be better? For now, we can only compare trailers — and I think this one stacks up. Let’s put it this way: Jet Li as an evil-emperor-mummy-badass is a lot more promising than Shia LeBouf as a poor man’s Marlon Brando circa The Wild One.

It’s the brand new trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor — enjoy.


  1. Growing up on Indy, I have to say if someone is going to step into the footsteps of Harrison Ford and take over the “mindless action” film (as a philadelphia critic put it about indy) – I think Brendan Fraser can do it.

  2. I like Brandan Fraser, too — and this movie actually looks pretty good… But how about Nathan Fillion as an Indy-type? I think he’d be perfect for this kind of movie.

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