Posted by: Ryan McDonald | May 19, 2008

Fire at the Griffith Observatory and Nerdvana was THERE!

Last week there was a 5-acre brush fire in Griffith Park, immediately West of the famous LA landmark, the Griffith Observatory. It being a bastion of nerd-knowledge, my geeky-sense started tingling and I rushed over to get the scoop, shitty digital camera and press pass in hand. Here are a few vids I got of the action:

A Los Angeles fire department helicopter whizzes directly overhead.

Firefighters hang in the background as another water drop is executed on the other side of the Observatory’s west terrace.

The fire gets too close for comfort and the immediate area is evacuated.

The fire was out within hours with no damage to the building or nerds inside. Amazing response time from LAFD. A little smoky but happy to be there to bring a little Nerdvana to the people… 😉


  1. I always have fun with Ryanthemighty even when we are going to be killed by a wildfire. I think my hair smelled like cinder for the whole day!!! : )

  2. Wow Ryan, that footage has more helicopters than a Michael Bay movie. Hey-O!

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