Posted by: Nar Williams | May 12, 2008

Nerdvana Video Exclusive: Secrets of Pact Magic Revealed!

When you’re a roleplayer, you’re damn lucky to find a good group to throw dice with. You’re even luckier to find an imaginative, knowledgable, and fair Game Master. But when you’re Dungeon Master writes and publishes his own D20 game system book for Dungeons & Dragons and let’s you game test it, that’s when you’ve achieved Nerdvana. …Yeah, I’m talking about me!

Secrets of Pact Magic by Dario Nardi allows spellcasters to bind elemental, fiendish, and epic spirits and wield their long lost power. Implementing pact magic into a D&D campaign opens up a whole new way to practice powerful (and often perilous) magic — and opens doors to some very interesting adventures, to say the least.

I caught up with Dario at Orc Con in Los Angeles and talked to him about what it takes to create and write a RPG book, his favorite part of the game testing phase, and how players and DMs can take advantage of pact magic to make their campaigns more fun.

You can learn more at But first, check out the Achieve Nerdvana Exclusive Interview!

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