Posted by: Ryan McDonald | May 8, 2008

Star Wars gets punked!

Star Wars Steam Punk

Nar posted a great article about a steampunk style computer a while ago, so when I came across a blog from my good parenting friends at meconium about a Star Wars steampunk action figure line, I knew it had to be shared with the rest of y’all.

Sillof’s Workshop has a huge line of custom made action figures for you to drool over: Gaslight Justice League, Victorian Avengers and Star Wars in half a dozen styles, including the aforementioned Steampunk.

Here’s 3PO to whet your appetite:

Steampunk C3po

Take a gander at them yourself, download some new desktop theme pics and get pissed the next time you look at the shitty action figures they put out for movies nowadays. (EX: see below)

Shitty Action figure for Serenity


  1. Mmmmmhhmmm, Captain Mal Tight-pants in doll form. Even his doll is sexy!

  2. […] I love me some steampunk mods. We’ve shown you Star Wars steampunk, now it’s time for The Doctor. This is a bottle of bubble bath turned into a steampunk […]

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