Posted by: ronpurtee | May 8, 2008

Matthew McConaughey as Captain America? Really?

Marvel have only just announced that they will indeed be producing a Captain America movie, set to debut May 6, 2011, but already the rumors are flying around as to who will be wielding the famous shield.

Early reports around the web have been saying that Marvel is in fact looking towards the star of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Sahara” to wield the mighty shield. I don’t see it. I’m fine with McConaughey as an actor, but I don’t see him being behind a mask, and then come time for the Avenger’s film, leading a team of people with much better acting chops (i.e. Downey, Jr and Norton). Marvel may being looking this way, but it’s seriously making me look the other way..

Your thoughts oh world wide web?


  1. Matt can’t play Capt. America.
    Capt America wears a shirt

  2. LOL Silver.

    “Whooaahhh, it’s all good. I’m like, Steve Rogers, man. Let’s play some bongos, and just, you know, chill.”

  3. It could be worse… It could be Owen Wilson and his penis-for-a-nose.

  4. Owen Wilson and his penis-for-a-nose, I just puked a little in my mouth….thanks RTM… ; )

  5. Remember, you can put anyone in a suit and make them look good…remember all the hoopla about Keaton wearing the Batsuit?


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