Posted by: Nar Williams | May 7, 2008

BSG 4.5 Review: Mutiny on the Demetrius


Every week guest columnist The Silver Wake Boarder takes time out of his busy galactic travels to offer his thoughts on the latest episode of the greatest tv show ever.

Silver actual.

Got to tell you folks, this one was a let down. Last weeks preview made it look like the Chief was going to go off on everyone. Didn’t happen. Now, it’s cool that Chief makes peace with Gaius, but violence is better in his case. Or does Gaius have a clue who a cylon is after screwing a few of them?

Now to staRRRRRbuck. It’s not easy being the boss now is it? It was cool seeing Leoben again. He’s very creepy, and I like it. When Leoben and Anders spoke of the civil war of the Cylon was nice.

But all in all, folks, not much to report.



  1. Not the strongest episode ever, but not a let down in my view. The Starbuck shit is tired and played out. Get on with it — this is the last season, remember? The mutiny isn’t that interesting of a twist, you could see it coming from 3 lightyears away — BUT meeting up with Leoben is a nice touch for extra extra tension.

    I gotta say the stuff with Chief and Baltar had me edgy. I was so freaked out Chief was going to kill Gauis. Very well done.

    I think you make an interesting comment here, SWB — can Gauis somehow (subconsciously) sense that Chief is a cylon? That would be very cool, and not a stretch, since he’s been having daily “hallucinations” of a cylon since the mini-series.

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