Posted by: ronpurtee | May 6, 2008

Next Avengers…

With all the Avengers talk, let’s talk about the new DVD coming out in August…

The film will be set in the future and feature completely new characters, although elements from the Marvel Universe will be used. The film features the Avengers’ teenage children, (who decide to become superheroes after their parents are killed by Ultron), an elderly Tony Stark, (who mentors the new heroes), and an elderly Bruce Banner. Promotional art and preview images have shown that the heroes are modeled after Captain America, Black Panther, Thor, the Wasp and Hawkeye.

A good idea? or Marvel cashing in on the hype that the post credits of Iron Man created?


  1. I’ll have to watch this trailer again, but I had heard some rumblings down the pipes a few months ago about this project…personally, I don’t think it’s a bad idea…if it’s done well, I mean afterall arent Marvel just following in DC’S steps here?

    Look at New Frontier, which was actually pretty decent, and I’m really looking forward to Batman Anime, so I think Marvel could be going in the right direction. I thought Dr. Srange was done very well, along with Iron Man.


  2. […] A clip from an upcoming new Avengers animation movie […]

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