Posted by: ronpurtee | May 5, 2008

Is This Two-Face?

Two Face?

This picture was leaked and I’m not sure if its the real deal, but I have a feeling its along the lines of how it’s going to be…

oooh, so exciting.


  1. I don’t know, Ron… This seems a little suspicious to me. Something tells me it’s a fake.

  2. me too, but to see even something resembling concept art for the character is pretty cool…

  3. That’s how I feel when I get home from a weekend in Vegas

  4. Oh man! You guys need to buy me a new keyboard because I just threw-up, ha ha! If this photo is real then this movie, which already looks great, is gonna be even better! I’m gonna go wait in line for tickets right now!

    BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog!

    Thanks, Tommy

  5. Hey, this could very well be Harvey Dent/ Two Face…it certainly seems a credible enough pic…will be interesting to see what comes down the pipe on this one


  6. It’s real. I know because Warner Bros wanted it removed from all the sites that had it on there.

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