Posted by: Nar Williams | April 27, 2008

BSG Episode 4.4 Review: Gaius of Nazareth


Every weekend guest columnist The Silver Wake Boarder takes time out of his busy galactic travels to offer his thoughts on the latest episode of the greatest tv show ever.

Silver Actual.

First the cylon issue — Wasn’t it in the preview last week that the final cylon will be revealed?

I like the fact that Saul like’s it rough. And seeing his old wife all over again is a very nice touch. Now I’m not saying Ellen Tigh was a cougar — hell, she’s more like a mountain lion. And now we know she wore the pants in that relationship.

Apollo being a senator is getting a little old. Ok, we get that the right to assemble is important but a whole frakin’ episode about it? Not good clock management — wait, am I writing about BSG or the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff?

What’s the over/under of President Roslyn dying right as we reach Earth? Kinda like Moses. She can go to the promise land but not enter it.

Chief breaking down is cool. Looks like he’s going to go all Travis Bickel on the crew next week. I hope I hope I hope.

Now on to Gaius…


The Chosen One is in the house wait, scratch that, the chosen one is in the cargo haul. Giaus has got the power to start shaking things up a bit more with his religious stuff. It’s nice to know I’m perfect. Well it’s nothing new to me, my mother has been saying that for years. I’m the perfect son. With the GOD complex will Giaus turn his harem of hotties into suicide bombers???????

When the crew members of the Galactica gossip about each other, do they type “OMG’S”?????? For those scratching their heads, it stands for “OH MY GOD’S”.

Till next time.


  1. I am tired of Gauis-God episodes, they need to get on with the real story… Sigh…

  2. But Gauis IS God, Karla… And he says we are all perfect!

  3. I always knew we were perfect Nar, but Gaius was more fun when he was naughty, holy is only entertaining for so long. I am a bad influence… ; )

  4. Where is the review for Battlestar 5.5, I missed it, was in D.C. so I’d kinda like to know what happened…

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