Posted by: Nar Williams | April 24, 2008

Picture of the Week: Daddy Soldier Becomes Robot for Son’s Birth

RP7 Robot

Via BotJunkie:

An RP-7 robot, normally used to allow physicians to interact remotely with patients, allowed Army Staff Sgt. Erik Lloyd (stationed in Iraq) to interact (sort of) with his family and 7 day old son at a hospital in Texas. Lloyd had full control of the robot’s movements and cameras, and was able to communicate through a live video uplink with his family and meet his son (albeit virtually) for the very first time.

The idea of this is so great — a way for an overseas parent to witness the birth of their child using technology. But look at that robot body with an LCD head. WOW. Either that kid is going to grow up to become Gauis Baltar, or he’s going to need some major therapy. Maybe both.


  1. my dad is now an R2 unit??????????

  2. At least there wasn’t a Vag-cam for the birth…

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