Posted by: ronpurtee | April 23, 2008

I Am… Early Release Man!

Can’t wait for your dose of the Shell-Head?

Well, enough people like you made their voices heard and thanks to that, IRON MAN (in theaters May 2nd) will now be seen a wee bit earlier!

Paramount has released that IRON MAN will being airing in select theaters starting on May 1st at 8pm.

Check your local listings to see if your theater is one of them!

What do you mean you’re out of scotch?”


  1. So rumor has it that they’re worried about the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 at the same time and all the fanboys staying home to play a video game instead of going to the theatre on opening weekend.

  2. Ron is your popcorn and soda getting released early too?

  3. Eff GTA4… I’m SO there opening night!

  4. Good, I’m going to see Forbidden Kingdom to bide my time until Iron Man…

  5. Achieve Nerdvana goes to see Iron Man next weekend! It is going to be AWESOME! Should we take some scotch?

  6. I just hope the hype behind this film doesnt kill it and we end up throwing out our suitcases containing our iron man suits.

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