Posted by: Nar Williams | April 23, 2008

Computerized Gardening for Green Thumbless Geeks

AeroGrow Computerized Gardening

There are tons of people like me who live in apartments with no back yard and wish they could have a vegetable garden — you know, connect with the earth, feel the dirt in your hands, smell the soil… Guess we’ll have to settle for no hassle, computerized gardening!

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for the AeroGarden, promising you 100% germination, vegetables that grow twice as fast, and no messy stuff called dirt. It’s essentially a mini greenhouse bio-dome (insert tired Pauly Shore joke here) with an oxygenated aeroponic chamber that suspends the plant roots in air “with ideal levels of nutrients and water for maximum growth.”

For convenience sake, it’s not very big — about 10.5 by 16 inches. Which means every 3-4 weeks you grow enough veggies for like, four salads. That’s one salad a week with only five minutes tending time, dude! The website says that the AeroGarden creates a near-perfect rainforest growing environment. So, while we are cutting all the real rainforests down, we can simulate them in our kitchens!

But a robot that tells me when to water and feed my garden, provides ideal light and growing conditions, and allows me to harvest my own food on my kitchen counter is pretty damn sweet. It’s so future-tech. Like Silent Running without the bad acting. And in case of a doomsday scenario where I have to rely on my own resources — I could survive on homegrown salads for like, two days!

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