Posted by: Nar Williams | April 22, 2008

Tech Junk of the Week: Robot Massage Pod — Granny Pants Not Included

This is the second massage device with the honor of being my Tech Junk of the Week. Why? Because massage technology doesn’t work. I’ve spent hours in my crappy massage chair, and I think it actually adds knots to my back.

Massage chairs suck. Handheld massage devices suck. Massage backpacks suck. And I’m sure this thing that looks like a tanning bed but is really supposed to be a robotic masseuse sucks, too. And don’t think because Dainichi markets the Auto Healther Reiz DZ-270 as a robot that I’m buying it. I like robots, but come on. Does it light the candles and play the New Age pan flute music too? I think not. Happy ending? Nope. You’d mess up the circuitry… FYI: $13,500 price tag.


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