Posted by: silverwakeboarder | April 22, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Review: Episode 4.3


Every weekend guest columnist The Silver Wake Boarder takes time out of his busy galactic travels to offer his (often twisted) thoughts on the latest episode of the greatest tv show ever.

Silver Actual.
Can you get a better actor than Dean Stockwell? I think not. He plays so well off of other actors as well as himself. And you don’t cross him ever. So the Cylons are going to have their little civil war while the fleet gets closer/farther from Earth. That’s cool by me.
Cally has been so diminished in the last season that I guess they said let’s just get rid of her all together. I wanted her to survive one more show so she could walk around with the “I got a secret” look on her face and could play some nice cat and mouse games with the Chief. If she is the last cylon that would rock.

Read more after the break… And check out a video with major Galactica clues!!!!

Appollo becoming the puppet of Tom Zarek is okay by me. I did like when Apollo brought up the fact that President Roslyn/Bush was going to stack the court with her appointments. Sound familiar?
I actually think Zarek would be a great last cylon. You can almost see the distain in his eyes when he watches Jamie Bamber portray Apollo. But hey, at least he’s working — and not sitting next to the phone like Dirk Benidect waiting for it to ring.
And speaking of the last cylon, I was going to string out my theories over the next few weeks. But since it will be revealed next week, here are my other picks:
1) Billy, the former secratary to President Rosylin. I liked his character and was pissed when he was killed off.
2) Good Doctor Cottle. Why, you may ask? Simple. He smokes in the sick bay with oxygen tanks all around him and he doesn’t care, knowing he could blow everything up and just wake up in a cylon bath of slime.
He’s also just damn cool.

How many people did they pull off of the Galactica to serve with StaRRRbuck? It seemed like if the fleet came under fire, Saul would have to man a viper.

No Gauis = not a good episode in my book.
Finally, I leave you with this —  There is a new JACK IN THE BOX commercial that shows the Galactica being blown up! Do they know something that we don’t, and just want to cushion the blow? Or are they just a bunch of A-holes? You decide:


  1. YES!! CALLY IS DEAD!!! REJOICE!!! You have no idea how happy this made me. I’ve been wanting Cally to die since season one because she is annoying and lame. Now all they have to do is kill Dee and Helo for the lame character hatrick.

    Dean Stockwell is awesome. But I disagree on the cylon civil war — what is most interesting about a race of machines is that they are supposed to do things efficiently, not get all wishy washy and start bickering over the best way to anhilate the human race!

    As far as the final cylon goes, I think the choice of Zarek would be very interesting and make a lot of sense, but it will never happen. At this point it’s almost too predictable: it will be an Adama.

    It really annoyed me to see how many viper pilots/main characters went with Starbuck on her mission. It felt very forced. And bad defensive planning on the old man’s part.

    Finally, I couldn’t agree more on your point that an episode without Gauis Baltar is never as interesting and fun to watch. This better be the last episode where he is MIA.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with the thrill and happiness that Cally was finally killed off. I was repulsed that she “married” the Chief and, therefore, became a somewhat important character. I guess the producers/creators really liked the actress. Too bad they made her whine all the time.
    I’m impressed with the internal conflict this season is showing amongst the human-model cylons. I find it interesting and fascinating. Believable? I haven’t a clue. After all, we haven’t dealt with machines of this level. Who can say how they’d act/behave. It’s all theoretical. But it sure is exciting!
    I believe the final cylon will be President Roslyn. Not sure why I feel that way, I just do. Of course, after seeing Adama (as a younger fella) find one of the ships that some humans were being experimented on… who is to say he wasn’t experimented on himself? Just because we didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. (someone said Adama couldn’t be a cylon because then Apollo would have to be a cylon. I dunno. Was Apollo born after the cylon war ended or just before?)

    And, as for Baltar….he is the absolute most ridiculous character. At this stage of the show, he literally looks like an outerspace Joseph Smith — the founder of the Mormon faith. I mean, he has countless women around him that wanna have sex with him (polygamy) and he’s preaching. And he still looks like a whiny, pathetic weasel….and is still acting as such. The first couple of seasons his character seemed to grow and change… Now he’s just annoying and this show is starting to look like Mormon Propaganda.

    But, it’s not my show and I still enjoy watching… I just thought there’d be a lot more information revealed and storylines amped up since this is the final season. So far, it’s reminding me of the a JJ Abrams project (Alias, Lost, MI:3, Cloverfield)…. wonderful premise…hideous execution and pathetic endings. Someone please stop this man from MAKING shows/movies, please? LOL!

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