Posted by: Nar Williams | April 13, 2008

Solar Balloons, Blue Skies, and Clean Energy

Solar Balloons

Here’s a perfect case of future tech meets sci-fi aestetics.

Solar energy currently has large land requirements. The Sunhope Project seeks to construct low-cost photovoltaic balloons designed to float vertically rather than sprawl horizontally. The result is the gorgeous array you see above: helium filled platforms constructed from a new fabric coated with photovoltaic solar cells.

These solar balloons will soak up more sun than traditional solar panels, they are more eco-friendly, and look totally sweet.

The Sunhope Project is brought to us by environmental architect Joseph Cory and aerospace engineer Dr. Pini Gurfil.  More pics and info at Inhabitat.


  1. Those are very cool to look at. Much better than those turning solar windmills that are everywhere on the way to Palm Springs…

  2. I agree. Beautiful. Wouldn’t mind seeing these floating around the skyline.

  3. Anyone see Aeon Flux with Charleesze Theieiroin (sp)? These remind me of a ballon thingy that was in that flic. Hopefully in our future hawt ladies run around in skimpy spandex suits and fight an oppressive regime as well… Here’s to the future!

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