Posted by: silverwakeboarder | April 13, 2008

Battlestar Review: Episode 4.2


Every weekend guest columnist The Silver Wake Boarder takes time out of his busy galactic travels to offer his (often twisted) thoughts on the latest episode of the greatest tv show ever.

Silver actual:

Why did President Roslin shoot the pic of her and the old man??????? Starbuck said if you think I’m a cylon shoot me. 

I would like to talk about the final 5, but apparently that is forbidden so I won’t. And the Raiders are kinda like pets, pets that can fly real fast and shoot your human ass.

When is Saul Thigh going to say the word RRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I like to extend his R when he says StaRbuck. Say it with me StaRRRRRRRbuck. Now wasn’t that fun. Now Thigh is pimpin out Tory. Nice!!! First he gets the eye patch, now all he needs is a gold grill, purple hat, and a walkin stick.

Looks like StaRRRbuck cashed in one of her acting lessons gift certificates this year. (Inside joke for Nar.) Ok, I’ll tell everyone — at the BSG convention Nar and I attended this crazy super fan gave Kate a hand made scarf. During the Q&A I wanted to ask her if anyone ever gave her a gift certficate for acting lessons.

Nar would’t let me.

Remember cylons aren’t gods they are mechanics.

In the future/past they get drunk off of lime gatorade. Cause when Appollo was doing shots it looked like gatorade to me. I drink that many shots of gatorade I don’t get silly I get to the nearest bathroom and make like the mighty Mississippi.

I dont claim to be a psychatrist, but there is something called the Id the Ego and the Super Ego, and I think Gaius has all of them working on overdrive. 

The old man and the president are like an old married couple — TALK TALK TALK. He’s a drunk, she’s dying — enough already and get to Earth.

Trivia question of the week: How many times have we seen StaRbuck in the brig and someone coming to talk to her? Answer: 73 times

Lee Adama goes to Washington. BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRING.

I didn’t know centurians can’t vote??? You’d think after all the marches on Uranus. The civil disobedence on Saturn. The Sit ins on Caprica. That Centurian suffurage continues to this day. This is not a world in which I want to live in. “One Mega byte, One vote” has always been my motto.

Gaius giving Tory the OHHHHH FACE, gettin’ some cylon sutra, way to go bro! And Tory cries during sex, hell I giggle like a little school girl when I’m getting busy. I so wanted to see Giaus give that toaster a dutch oven.

And I leave you with this little song:

If your brother is a Cylon clap your hands.

If you dead son is a cylon clap your hands.

If he was your son or your brother or hell even your former lover 

If you think Zak Amada is the last cylon clap your hands.


  1. I thought Apollo or Daddy Adama would be last Cylon, but I like the idea of Zack Adama being a Cylon, too. 10 points for you…

  2. Zack? No way. Too obscure. Okay, maybe not. I think everybody is hedging their bets on an Adama at this point, though.

    This was another great episode, although I thought the Apollo going away stuff was a little over the top and vague at the same time. I know he’s going to work for the government, but not sure where… And does this mean we won’t be seeing much of him on the show anymore?

    Gauis bangs another cylon. Is there a subculture that likes to bang robots? You know, like Furries, but with Gundam suits? If so, Baltar is their patron saint. Oh wait, he’s already a religious icon.

  3. Episode 4.2: Lee’s going away party!
    WTF?! Enough with the bagpipes already. He’s not dying. He’s becoming a politician… I guess that means he has to die inside, but it doesn’t warrant ten minutes of sappy music and sniffly Dee when we’ve only got seven episodes left to wrap this whole thing up!

    Anyone else notice that President Roslyn got some work done in the time between seasons? I was afraid her lips were going to pop in that first scene between herself and Adama… and I couldn’t understand a frakkin’ word she said for half the episode!

  4. Roslyn needed work BEFORE she was getting it on with Costner in Dances With Wolves… Heh..

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