Posted by: karlasblume | April 12, 2008

We Could Be Heroes Just For One Day


Season Three of Heroes will begin on NBC September 15, 2008 (changed from Sept 8). The third season premiere will be two hours long and is preceded by a clip show.


Episode 3×01: “The Butterfly Effect”
Sept. 2008

Written By: Tim Kring
Directed By: Allan Arkush

Mike Ausiello of TV Guide has revealed that this episode will introduce two new characters – Joy, a character in her early twenties, described as “quick on her feet and adept at getting herself into and out of trouble.” The other new character, Senator Robert Malden, is a political straight shooter in his 50’s.

Episode 3×02: “Dreamtime”
Sept. 2008

Written By: Tim Kring
Directed By: Greg Beeman

Episode 3×03: “One of Us, One of Them”
Sept. 2008

Written By: Joe Pokaski
Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Episode 3×04: “The Year of Our Lord”
Fall 2008

Written By: Aron Coleite
Directed By: Adam Kane

    Other Heroes Notes

  • Hayden Panettiere is filming a movie, so the first few episodes of Volume Three might be Claire-lite.
  • Despite not being signed as a series regular, Kristen Bell (Elle) is expected to come back at some point and continue her arc.
  • Kristin also revealed that Adam Monroe’s name was once “Richard Sanders,” implying he and Niki are related.
  • When the show returns, the “plan” for “Volume Three” will be far different from what was originally conceived before the strike. Apparently some of the criticisms of the first half of Volume Two are being taken to heart….
  • Expect to find out what powers (if any) Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli have or had, when the show returns.
  • Also, Eriko Tamura, who played Yaeko in Season Two of Heroes, will be returning when the show comes back. 
Karla says it will take more than this to get her liking the show again. It’s been a little less exciting lately. I am probably on the minority on this, so rant all you want!!!  I hope they prove me wrong…



  1. A LITTLE less exciting? This show became such a snore fest I will happily miss it to do laundry. And I HATE laundry!!

  2. Laundry is WWAAAAAAAYY more exciting than doing dishes. I would rather do dishes provided that I have a nice new sponge (which I name Bob) and a soap that’s frothy enough. : ) I thought way too long about this comment….

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