Posted by: karlasblume | April 12, 2008

Caped Crusader Calls out to the Country

Warner Bros. Animation has decided to give Batman a few heroic friends to keep him company as he saves Gotham from those who would destroy it. Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and others will join forces. The other twist that intrigues me the most is that this time round Batman will actually get to wander outside Gotham city limits for some new adventures in unfamiliar surroundings. Batman charms the city ladies, but can the caped crusader make any headway with suburban sirens? Titled “Batman: The Brave & the Bold” will clock in at 30 minutes per episode, produced by Sam Register. The new series will premiere on Cartoon Network sometime in 2008.

Batman Brave and Bold


  1. Batman and Aquaman? I’m in.

  2. One of my pals has a serious adversion to Aquaman’s outfit. But you know what? At least he’s WEARING clothes. I’d rather look at him than look at Submariner and all his muscles which all have muscles. BLECH…

  3. Hopefully it’ll be the old-school superfriends Aquaman and not some amalgam of Peter David’s harpoon hand Aquaman or the new Water-handed elemental Aquaman… and the fact that I know all that is pretty sad…

  4. If the world is 70 percent water, Aquaman rules Earth. Be nice to Aquaman, remember? ; )

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