Posted by: Ryan McDonald | April 8, 2008

Google sued over Boring house pictures.

stalk someone from the privacy of your own home!

Have you:

  • Ever forgotten the name of… “that French restaurant on Los Feliz and Hillhurst”?
  • Wondered what the house you grew up in looked like today?
  • Missed your ex-girlfriend SO much that you wished there was some way to peep on her 24/7 from the comfort of your own home?

Well worry no longer because Google Street View is here to help!

Google had added a new component to Google Maps which allows you to see a 360 degree view from the street at special areas that they’ve mapped.

You thought YOUR job was odd. Imagine being the person who had to drive around the greater LA area with a big honkin’ camera strapped to the top of his car.

Well, it’s not all fun, games and stalking… All it takes is one Boring family to take all the fun out of peepin’ on pedestrians. This from The Smoking Gun Website:

Aaron and Christine Boring accuse Google of an “intentional and/or grossly reckless invasion” of their seclusion and privacy since they live on a street that is “clearly marked with a ‘Private Road’ sign,” according to a lawsuit the couple filed this week in Allegheny County’s Court of Common Pleas.
According to the Borings, they purchased their Oakridge Lane home in late-2006 for “a considerable sum of money,” noting that a “major component of their purchase decision was a desire for privacy.” But when Pittsburgh was added last October to the roster of cities covered by Google’s “Street View” feature, the Borings allege, their “private information was made known to the public,” causing them “mental suffering” and diminishing the value of their home.

The Borings are seeking in excess of $25,000 in damages and want a court order directing Google to destroy images of their home.

What I love about this story: All they needed was a simple email to Google, and the Borings could have gotten their photo off Google Maps easily. Now that they’ve sued Google, the Borings and their precious house is ALL OVER the internet!

Smoking Gun has links to photos of the Boring’s House and to the Allegheny County’s Office of Property Assessments which lists all the info on the house and property on it’s website.

Built in 1916, cost the couple $163,000 and sits on 1.82 acres with a nice swimming pool… Not too shabby Mr. Boring


  1. LOL. That couple is such a bore.

  2. I must remember to sue my local coffee shop.

    Clearly, my face was seen when I made the order causing me severe mental anguish.

    Not only this is an incredibly frivolous lawsuit, but by placing the “private” street sign “clearly marked” in public, they have effectively forfeited any privacy afforded to the sign… Which appears to be the real issue here.

    There is no restriction to being photographed when in public. There’s no “privacy” when you’re outdoors on public ground. What applies to people applies to street signs as well.

    Plus this photo was part of a 360 degree view.
    If someone shot an automatic weapon all around him and one person happened to get hit, it’s as if that person were to consider the attack a targetted assassination attempt.

    …I wasn’t.

    Don’t want your property to go to someone else?
    Don’t throw it in the trash.

    Don’t want to something be seen in public?
    Don’t put it in public view.

    Apparently these people don’t realize that by suing, instead of preventing an exposure, these folks have focused a mult-billion candle power spotlight on themselves.

  3. Normally these crazy suits are for $1M plus… Only $25K? They’re obviously not in it for the money.

    Reminds me of this guy who stopped in front of our cameras at Strategicon, waited for us to turn them on and start recording in order to tell us that we were, “not allowed to use his picture, voice or likeness in any form or manner.”

    People like this give us nerds a bad name…

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