Posted by: silverwakeboarder | April 5, 2008

BSG 4.1: It’s good for you, It’s good for me.


Every weekend guest columnist The Silver Wake Boarder takes time out of his busy galactic travels to offer his thoughts on the latest episode of the greatest tv show ever.


Silver actual.

It’s back. 

Be forewarned: My writing is like the ramblings of a mad man, so if you get confused while reading welcome to my world.

The Cylon 4, as I will call them, are up to something. I don’t know what it is but Anders getting a download is proof that his sleeper cell status is engaged. When Tigh shoots the old man I was like, “nice way to start the season”, then it’s only a thought — ouch.

When Starbuck said she had been to Earth she failed to mention that she stopped off in Hollywood and saw first hand how shady this town can be and she is back from Bionic hell. Starbuck’s viper was as clean as the one I bid on EBAY this last week. I feel for her, I’ve come back from Vegas weekends that felt like 2 months. I guess the 2 months was the time span Bionic Woman was on TV — or was that the 6 hours???

Gaius Baltar is the man. Taken to his own harem is a gift from the gods not only for him but for all of  us. 

When Starbuck was complaining that after each jump they were getting further away from Earth, it was like hearing a girlfriend bitch and moan when you are lost on a road trip. President Roslin needs better security, just a thought. President Lincoln had better security.

I think I know who the last Cylon is… but that’s another post. ‘Till next time — BSG is the best, so say we all.


  1. Come on SWB, who is the next Cylon?? My guess: I have NO idea.

  2. My guess is that WE ARE THE CYLONS!! What a twist!!

    It was good… Reaction from Starbuck to Anders Re: being a Cylon was classic.

    BTW: If The Chief’s a Cylon and him and Calle had a baby… Doesn’t that mean that there are TWO hybrid babies floating around? Hmmm…

  3. HELLO PEOPLE, what RTM said about the Chief and Calle’s baby, I was thinking the same thing. 2 HYBRID BABIES!!!!!!

    Last season I was sure Starbuck was the final Cylon, but now it’s so freaking obvious that it’s certainly NOT her cuz it’s TOOOO obvious.

    I did have two great ideas though. 1) The Cylon is Adama, that would freakin ROCK. 2) Is more likely. That the Cylon is Apollo. That would force Odama to have to deal with the Cylons if he in fact loved one enough as his “son.”

  4. I am not making any cylon predictions. Only DEATH predictions:

    Calle must die. Dee must die. ‘ Cause they both suck.

    The prez will probably die from cancer.

    And my boy Baltar will stun the world by sacrificing himself in some way to save the human race.

  5. I totally agree on Baltar… you can see it happening…

  6. Remember when the Leoben Conoy cylon told President Roslyn that “Adama is a Cylon” before she tossed him unceremoniously out the airlock? He didn’t specify WHICH Adama is the Cylon…

    Lee could have been replaced by a Cylon model in the past. It’ll be Admiral Adama, Baltar and Starbuck surrounded by their most trusted friends and family… as frakkin’ toasters.

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