Posted by: Nar Williams | March 31, 2008

Ever See a Robot Do Cartwheels?

No other country in the world loves it’s robots like Japan. The engineering on bipedal humanoid robots there continues to develop at lightspeed, spurned on by great competitions and a culture that has turned robotics into a national sporting lifestyle.

ROBO-ONE, a robot competition in which bipedal humanoid robots battle it out for engineering supremacy, was first held there in 2002. Last week ROBO-ONE 13 was held, and the competition was reportedly more heated than ever. The following video of robot OmniZero proves it could be a contender for Dancing with The Robots or perhaps the 2020 Summer Olympics…


ROBO ONE continues to raise the bar for the quality of humanoid robots allowed into the competiton, as evidenced in the video below, in which the robots have to walk up a metallic slope with a speed bump in the middle. This is a pre-screening measure, and as you will see, not all of the hopeful competitors would even make it to the ring.

Kudos to Robots-Dreams for the great coverage. You can also find a ton of photos from the event here.

Robo One 13

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