Posted by: Nar Williams | March 31, 2008

Alan Moore PWNS Top List of Graphic Novels

DC Comics is looking to introduce more readers to their excellent library of graphic novels, and as we all know, people just LOVE lists. So they put out a list of what they consider the 30 most essential graphic novels. Of course, they only incude books under the DC or Vertigo imprints, so there’s plenty of essential reading not listed (The Incal and Maus to name a couple), BUT they certainly go the top five right:

 5. Sandman Vol. 1, Preludes and Nocturnes

4. V for Vendetta

3. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol.2

2. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol.1

1. Watchmen

Why is this a perfect list? Because Achieve Nerdvana patron wizard Alan Moore scores the top 4 out of 5! So, in case you’ve been wondering why we here at AN gush over him all the time, go read this list and find out for yourself!

The complete DC Comics Essential Graphic Novels List is right here.

Alan Moore


  1. We should ask him if his beard can be our mascot.

  2. If we take on Alan’s beard as our mascot, he would have to disown it.

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