Posted by: Nar Williams | March 27, 2008

Coming Soon from DARPA: Cyborg Moths

Cyborg Moth

For years DARPA has been trying to develop cyborg insect spys that can be controlled remotely. Problem is, well, living things don’t survive with robotic parts in them. That is until now.

Georgia Tech professor Robert Michelson  reports he has had success getting the bugs to live into adulthood by putting the mechanical components into the abdominal area of the moths at the larval stage.

Implanting micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) inside insects during the early stages of metamorphosis allow tissues to grow around the tiny machines and fuse with them as the bug gets older.

The ultimate goal for The Pentagon is to have swarms of remotely-operated insects with micro-sensors like microphones or gas sensors to relay back information (read: spy).

Read more here.

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