Posted by: Nar Williams | March 26, 2008

Top 5 Rejected Star Wars Merchandise

Jason Geyer was on a team of designers who pitched several rejected merchandise ideas for the Star Wars prequels back in 1998. No, we will see no Jar Jar Jukeboxes — they used only Episodes IV-VI for their concepts. Geyer recently posted the story of his creations and some of the concept art on his blog, Ottertorials.

All told, we cranked out well over 100 concepts that were taken to final art, and easily 300 that didn’t make it that far. No part of Star Wars was too small to think about, no character too minor. I’ve never had a situation before or since where someone said to take your favorite subject and do whatever you want with it.

Here are my Top Five picks:

5. The Han Solo in Carbonite Mini-Fridge

Han Solo Carbonite Refridgerator

Considering that the Han Solo in Carbonite office desk was recently released to nerdgasms everywhere, this mini-fridge seems to me the perfect place to store the Red Bulls for late night Force Unleashed gaming.

4. Princess Leia Headphones

Princess Leia Headphones

Pretty sure this was used in Spaceballs, but still — we need something to destroy the monotony of the ubiquitous iPod earbuds.

3. Galactic Big Game Trophies

Star Wars Trophies

Can’t you hear the geeky dinner conversation now?

Geek 1: “That’s a gorgeous Tauntaun — what a specimen.”

Geek 2: “Thanks, I downed it while hunting on Hoth. Notice the fifteen rings in it’s horns — a mature stag.”

Geek 1: “E-11 blaster rifle?”

Geek 2: “I actually used the PLX-2M.”

Geek 1: “That’s a lot of firepower for a Tauntaun — ”

2. Jabba the Hutt Beanbag Chair

Jabba the Hutt Beanbag Chair

Nothing says “Sit on my face” like a Jabba Beanbag. Creepy.

1. The Death Star Grill

Death Star Grill

Yes. Yes. Yes! 

Wisely tapping into the caveman-cook-meat instinct and the nerdy nostalgia in all of us, there’s no fanboy in America who could resist the prospect of throwing some Baby Back Ribs on the stellar Death Star Grill. Why this one ended up in the reject pile, I’ll never know…


  1. Now if if was a Han in Carbonite LUNCHBOX, I’d be all on that like Greedo’s spleen on the Mos Eisley Cantina wall… which I would also love as the companion thermos BTW.

  2. heheheh Nice dude…

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  4. The Grill is cool and so are the Headphones.

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  6. why not the death star grill when they got thing like star wars tea towels

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