Posted by: Nar Williams | March 6, 2008

A HUGE X-Files Spoiler or Disinformation!?? WTF?

Holy $h#t!


…Or is it???

The set of X-Files 2 has been giving Area 51 a run for its money as the most secure place on the planet. Very little information coming out of there. So when something leaks, you gotta wonder…

There’s been speculation over whether the following image released in January is just a piece of disinformation to throw dedicated fanboys off the scent (pun intended) of the REAL plot of the movie:

X-Files Werewolf

Then after the X-Files panel at Wondercon, the bootleg trailer was posted, implying more werewolves…

Last week, an image of a werewolf-morphed David Duchovny surfaced and was quickly disregarded as fakes by the folks over at Giant Freakin Robot:

Mulder Werewolf

Turns out that was just a promotional poster from Californication cleverly photoshopped by Chris Carter and his cronies.


… Are you ready?

… You sure?

Romantic X-Philers have waited years for this:

X-Files Kiss

Scully and Mulder Kiss

So, what do YOU think? Do Mulder and Scully really hook up, or is this more disinfo shenanigans from Chris Carter and crew?


  1. […] am a huge X-Phile and am totally stoked about this summer’s long awaited sequel, as evidenced HERE and HERE and HERE. So when the new poster hit the ‘net this week, it was a no-brainer for my […]

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